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A strong pipeline of projects is fundamental to the long-term health of our industry.

Working closely with the Infrastructure and Project Authority (IPA) to increase transparency around the project and programme pipeline, the group also focuses on the “how” of procurement in understanding changes in client expectations.

Through the recently published Construction Playbook, Government attitudes and behaviours have shifted towards a stronger focus on value rather than cost, which has also been mirrored by private sector clients. Central Government ideas like Project Speed mean building back better needs to be greener and faster too.

As a result, Consultancies need to change their own approaches to how work is organised and develop new delivery models.

Chaired by Neil Humphrey, COO at Waterman Group,  the Procurement and Pipeline group explores a rapidly changing field which is cuts to the core of ACE members’ activity.

Thanks to the policy forum and engagement with members, the group is able to champion a practical and common sensical approach towards procurement with policymakers, create evidence-based thought-leadership, and ensures our industry is at the forefront of discussions in this area.

Matthew  Farrow

Matthew Farrow

Director of Policy

Matthew is Director of Policy for ACE and sister organisation, EIC.

phone0207 222 4148
Guto  Davies

Guto Davies

Head of Policy

Guto is head of policy at ACE and sister organisation, EIC.

phone0737 648 4780