Our groups bring our members together, help to formulate policy positions, shape our services, encourage the emerging generation of consultants and engineers, and represent our members wherever they are based.

In the Serving Members workstream, our national and regional groups allow us to better engage local authorities, metro-mayors and the devolved assemblies, and ensure we represent the views of our members in England (Midlands, North West), as well as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our forums bring together members to explore the major and current issues specific to their interests. These could be vital topics such as HR, Legal and Commercial, and Health and Safety, or issues that are specific to SME, large consultancies or global firms.

In the Voice of Consultancy workstream, our groups tackle the big themes in infrastructure and the built environment over the next three years – Net Zero, transport, places, as well as pipeline and procurement. The policy forum guides activity across the four themes. It also includes a group on working internationally.

In the Future of Consultancy workstream, which tends to be focused on the medium to long-term future, groups on digital transformation, future markets, future skills, and future of the workplace, join our group for the next generation of industry leaders, ACE Emerging Professionals.

For more on ACE’s workstreams, please view our latest Corporate Plan or annual activity update.

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