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ACE’s Future of Consultancy themed webinars return with a new series exploring the changing face of the industry.

The virtual events include episodes on future risk, delivery models, pricing, roles and services, and are designed to not only provoke discussion and debate, but provide attendees with a firmer grasp of an ever-changing business landscape.

With the publication of the Construction Playbook and in advance of the expected launch of the Construction Innovation Hub’s Value Toolkit – both ‘game-changers’ in their own rights – there has never been a better time to explore the potential for new ways of delivering and working.

Joining your host, ACE’s chief executive Hannah Vickers, will be a range of industry thought leaders from the Cabinet Office, CECA, and the Construction Innovation Hub (CIH). Prominent guests from ACE members including Arcadis, Arup, Buro Happold and WSP in the UK also join to share their experiences and insight, with more TBA soon.

Pricing: Getting the best from consultants
Emma-Jane Houghton (Cabinet Office) and Hannah Vickers joins host Lara Potter, ACE's Chair of Future Skills Group to discuss how to select the right pricing and reward model, and how to incentivise consultants to deliver their best work.

This webinar will take place on Monday 15 March 2021 from 12.00pm to 1.00pm.


Emma-Jane Houghton

Cabinet Office

Lara Potter


Director, Workforce for the Future


Hannah Vickers

Association for Consultancy and Engineering

Chief Executive

These vital webinars are free to attend to members and non-members alike. 

Project Speed and risk Wednesday 3 March, 15.00pm
Tim Chapman (Arup) delivers an engaging overview of how we can develop our approach to risk to unlock better, greener, faster delivery of projects and programmes.

Pricing: Learning from other industries – Wednesday 10 March, 12.00pm
Tim Chapman (Arup), Margot Day (Buro Happold, chair ACE Legal & Commercial), Nick Smith (Siemens) and Sarah Wilkes (Arcadis) join Hannah Vickers to explore what we can learn from other industries on pricing as our offering and services evolve.

Future roles and services for consultants – Wednesday 24 March, 13.30pm
Paul Tremble (WSP in the UK, chair ACE Pipeline and Procurement) explores the future roles consultancies will play as the partner of choice along the lifecycle of an asset.

Future roles and services for contractors – Tuesday 13 April, 12.00pm
Alasdair Reisner (CECA) joins Hannah to discuss what the future roles and services mean to contractors, how they will interact with a new offering from consultants and what it all means for clients and other stakeholders.

Replay webinar: Construction Playbook and delivery models
Ron Lang (CIH) and Tim Chapman (Arup) join Hannah Vickers to provide an introduction and overview of the new delivery models outlined in the recently published Construction Playbook. Together they will explore what it all means for consultants.




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