Delivering in a changing world

Delivering in a changing world

The world we live and work in is changing rapidly.

Driven by data, demand and devolution, what is expected of both the consultancy industry and its clients is far different to just five years ago.

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Effectively harnessed, the plethora of customer use and performance data could deliver annual benefits of £15 billion across the UK’s infrastructure sector.

Society’s expectations of our built environment are changing, reinforced by government commitments to Net Zero by 2050 and an increasing influence of ethical investments – 50% have increased their allocation to sustainable funds compared to five years ago.

Devolving spending and decision-making powers to cities, regions and nations, will bring closer alignment between the customers and users of the built environment  as well as established powers for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, 12 devolution deals have also been agreed with English regions.

Post-pandemic recovery has been driven by a recognition that things have changed – “Building back better” is not just a political slogan, but short-hand for a new approach.

Improvements to the Green Book and the introduction of the Construction Playbook are two recent examples of how this changing environment has been recognised by Government.

In the private sector, similar approaches mean environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria is more important than ever before.

It is now expected that projects and programmes better demonstrate their value – for society, government, taxpayers and other stakeholders.

Fuelling economic growth is no longer enough – your projects will need to meet aspirations around social value, regional rebalancing and Net Zero too.

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This moment also gives us a much greater chance to be radical and to do things differently

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Build Back Better speech

30 June 2020

Finding the right partners to navigate this landscape will be the key to success. 

The Association for Consultancy and Engineering’s (ACE) Future of Consultancy campaign has been exploring the changing landscape with our members since 2018.

Now is the right time for us to showcase how our industry has already adapted and is your natural partner of choice.