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21 SEP 2018


New ACE site has been completely redesigned with the user in mind

We’re delighted to launch ACE’s new website. As you’ll see we’ve completely rethought our online presence.

We hope you enjoy exploring our site which has been designed to make it easier for members and all our stakeholders to find the information they need – whether a policy report, details of the next event, the contact details of one of our members or simply the latest infrastructure news and opinion.

As with most modern websites, the site is optimised to be used across a variety of devices – so whether you’re reading this on a phone, tablet or desktop computer, you should be able to easily navigate the content.

Of course there may be a few gremlins in the system, please don’t hesitate to let us know if there are any issues you’ve spotted and thanks for your understanding while get fully up and running and iron out any chinks.

ACE members – don’t forget to sign up!

You’ll notice that some of the content includes a red ribbon which says “member-only”. Once logged in, users will be able to access this exclusive content that has been produced for ACE members.

Signing-up is easy. If you work for an ACE member, then click the big blue login/register button in the top right of the screen. Don’t forget to register with your work email as that’s how we check that you are indeed allowed to access the content.

Once signed-up and logged in, you will be able to access all the policy briefings, guidance, presentations and templates that are exclusive to members.

You’ll also be able to sign-up to our newsletters and receive news from ACE straight to your inbox.