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25 APR 2018


ACE webinar explores issues relating to contract negotiation and terms and conditions

To accompany the release of ACE's new good practice guidance on Professional Appointments, ACE hosts webinar featuring experts from Max Fordham LLP and affiliate Beale & Co.

The good practice guidance has been released to help ACE members involved in the negotiation of contract and contractual terms and conditions. It highlights a number of issues which are commonly discussed between clients and consultants. Written by industry experts, our guidance will help you gain an understanding of key contractual issues – including why you should have a written contract in place and the importance of financial caps on liability.

The webinar took place on 25 April 2018 and featured Henry Pipe senior partner at Max Fordham and chair of ACE's Legal and Commercial forum, as well as Andrew Croft, associate at affiliate Beale & Co, co-hosted the webinar on behalf of ACE. A full FAQ was produced following the webinar which, once logged in, is available to members to download below.


Professional Appointments Contracts – good practice

March 2018

To assist members who are involved in the negotiation of contracts.


ACE webinar - Professional Appointment Contracts

April 2018

Slides from the ACE hosted webinar.