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07 APR 2022


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The Government has published its new Energy Strategy today. Outlining the mix of nuclear, hydrogen and renewables to achieve energy independence and meet Net Zero commitments while reducing prices for consumers, the strategy is ambitious in its scope.

These measures will both help the UK achieve energy independence while ensuring 95% of Great Britain’s electricity production is "low carbon" by 2030.

  • Nuclear – To reduce dependence on oil and gas, as many as eight new nuclear reactors will be built, including two at Sizewell in Suffolk. A new client body, Great British Nuclear will oversee investment and delivery for nuclear which is expected to produce 25% of all of our energy.
  • Wind – Planning laws will be reformed to speed up approvals for new offshore wind farms. Onshore, new arrangements with local communities that host turbines will receive guaranteed cheaper energy bills.
  • Hydrogen – A doubling of targets for hydrogen to deliver cleaner energy for industry, as well as power transport and even heating.
  • Solar – The Government will consider reforming rules to encourage the installation of solar panels on homes and commercial buildings. It is hoped this will expand capacity five times by 2035.

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In our media reaction, Stephen Marcos Jones, CEO of ACE said: “Be it wind, solar, hydrogen or nuclear energy, our members are critical to the successful delivery of complex infrastructure projects. They stand ready to work in close partnership with Government in the creation and design of a more secure, and less carbon intensive, domestic energy system.”

“We welcome the investment in up to eight new nuclear plants alongside increased investments in offshore wind, solar and hydrogen – crucial if we are to enhance energy security and meet Net Zero targets in an affordable way for consumers. However, to help us on our Net Zero journey, we would have liked to have seen more to encourage the delivery of the cheapest forms of renewable energy, onshore wind and solar, as well as more on driving greater energy efficiency”

“We must not forget that it will take time for any new Strategy to deliver results – for energy security, our Net Zero targets, or on affordability. Nevertheless, the Strategy outlines a positive and proactive intent.”

Stephen Marcos Jones shares more of his thoughts in a blog on our site where shares how ACE members stand ready to help design and deliver the right energy mix for our Net Zero future.


Energy Strategy

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