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05 NOV 2020


ACE backs CLC submission to Planning for the Future consultation

Through the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), ACE has responded to the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government's Planning for the Future consultation.

The joint industry response pulls the industry together to strengthen our voice with the Government department and on this issue of vital importance, and has proposed the introduction of four different types of land-use: 

  • Growth – where development will be promoted with automatic outline approval for appropriate development
  • Renewal – where some development can occur
  • Protected – where development is restricted
  • 'Fourth Zone' – earmarked for levelling-up.

The proposed ‘fourth zone’ sites would set long-term growth objectives, would not be constrained by an initial outline plan and would build on the Government’s commitment to level-up parts of the country where regeneration would deliver on real social and economic outcomes.

The response was prepared by the CLC's Local, Social and Commercial (LSC), and Housing working groups. LSC co-chair Paul Reilly, who is also Managing Director, Infrastructure & Buildings at Stantec UK and ACE chair 2020said: “As we emerge from Covid-19 the planning system can act as a significant accelerator of economic recovery if it can unlock appropriate development. Our proposals for a fourth planning zone would unleash the potential of regeneration sites nationwide.” 

The response also calls for:

  • Robust strategic planning at ‘larger-than-local’ level
  • Investment in digitisation of the planning process on a wider level
  • A renewed commitment to design quality which would consider the wider local social and economic outcomes such as employment, infrastructure and how the development sits within a local community
  • A consolidated infrastructure levy that is sensitive to local area viability, can be used flexibly and is dedicated to securing local social and economic infrastructure
  • Properly resourcing local authorities to deliver their planning functions
  • Avoiding any hiatus in work when transitioning to new reformed system

Download and read the full consultation response below. View all ACE's responses on our Policy Library.


Planning for the Future response

5 November 2020

ACE backs industry-wide response to MHCLG consultation on planning.