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19 JAN 2021


Once logged-in members can download our exclusive guidance note

For obvious reasons, the news has recently been dominated by the approval of three COVID-19 vaccines in the UK, bringing much needed hope for a return to some form of normality in the near to medium term.

As with other stages of the pandemic, there are new issues for businesses to consider. For example, vaccinations open up questions around the legal and practical implications of the roll out, as well as the level of support employers should provide.

While you might have your own personal views on whether an employee should be vaccinated, have you considered the implications for your company whether your people choose not to? What about those who have a legitimate reason to avoid the jab?

To help our members navigate this new COVID-related issue, we have drafted an exclusive member-only briefing. As well as providing recommended actions and offering a range of issues to consider, it also links to official sources of advice.

Claire Clifford, Head of Business Support and Corporate Services at ACE, said: “Building on our pandemic support for members to date, we’ve pulled together this guidance note to help our members as they grapple with the latest COVID-related issue.”

“Companies will need to tailor their own approach based on their own circumstances. The note outlines some of the issues that should be considered as businesses develop their own responses.”

Once logged-in members can download the guidance in the link below. View more related guidance, support and advice on our COVID-19 Hub. Since initial publication, ACE has produced a second briefing note on Test and Trace for employers  which might also be of interest.


COVID-19 - Vaccinations

January 2021

ACE member-only guidance note on what approach companies should take to vaccination.


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February 2021

ACE member-only guidance note on what approach businesses should take to test and trace.