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12 JUL 2022


Explore guides, personal stories, best-practice and more here.

In advance of our Building Inclusivity roundtable on LGBTQ+, ACE shares a series of tools and stories designed to help your business create more welcoming workplaces.  

Especially curated by ACE, these have been created by subject matter experts or shared by expert organisations, and will provide your company with the practical and informative support necessary for you to take positive steps in this space, no matter the size of your business or resources available.  

Commenting on the tools, Claire Clifford, director of people, skills and culture at ACE said: “Whether it’s a guide, podcast or video, we’ve curated a range of tools to help your on your inclusivity journey. Focusing on the LGBTQ+ community, the support provided will help your company go ‘beyond pride month’ and take the positive steps towards the creation of a welcoming workplace for all.” 

A good starting point are the Building Equality, InterEngineering and Stonewall websites which all include a range of resources and information. Some of the highlights from those sites are included below. ACE members can also get direct support on inclusivity issues by contacting our HR helpline today. Finally, read our summary of our Beyond Pride roundtable and replay the event here.


Building Equality has produced a support pack. Covering frequently asked questions, resources and recommendations, as well as a glossary and the benefits to diversity, it not only provides guidance, supports awareness, reduces stigma and increases LGBTQ+ inclusiveness thanks to its sign-posted facts, figures, information and recommendations.  

Watch a replay of its Allies Toolbox Talk below. 


As you might expect, the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) has a series of resources designed to support employers in this space. This online factsheet explores the legal position with regard to sexual orientation, gender identity, gender reassignment and employment.  

Also of interest will be CIPD research which highlights the key barriers and enablers to help people professionals improve LGBT+ workplace inclusion. 

Stonewall has a handy list of LGBTQ+ terms on their website.  


The CIPD’s podcast has a special episode on LGBTQ+ featuring a range of personal stories and experiences and how their work and colleagues were impacted. It also touches on the disclosure process and terminology/language. 


A bonus episode focuses on the story of Liz Bingham, a partner at EY where she describes how her career flourished after a supportive boss encourage her to come out at work and how this helped her become a more authentic leader. 

Stonewall has curated a series on LGBT Workplace stories. Browse the case studies and download posters for use in your organisation. 

Measurement and best-practice: 

Stonewall run two indices to help businesses assess their progress on LGBT inclusion in the workplace – a UK index and a Global index. These help businesses measure their progress. Find out more. Stonewall also run a LGBT inclusive employer jobs board

Find out more about Building Inclusivity, our new cross-industry ED&I campaign. ACE members can receive direct support on inclusivity issues by getting in touch with our HR helpline today.