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23 FEB 2021


Discover how AECOM are using the CLC's Construction Talent Retention Scheme

The Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) Talent Retention Scheme helps talented individuals showcase their experience and expertise, while helping  businesses find the skills they need. It is free for all ACE members to use and as of the end of January, it has already saved the industry more than £415,000 in recruitment costs. 

AECOM joined the Construction Talent Retention Scheme in the summer of 2020 and is one of the ACE members who are also using the platform.

With the economy heavily impacted by the pandemic, AECOM’s business in the UK and Ireland took the difficult decision to re-shape their organisation to better meet the demands of their key markets and provide the best service for their clients.

Despite measures implemented to mitigate against the impact, such as a voluntary pay reduction programme and Government's own retention scheme, a number of roles were put at risk.

Having worked closely on the development of the Construction Talent Retention Scheme through its membership of ACE, AECOM leaders recognised the valuable role the programme could have in firstly, supporting those affected and secondly, retaining vital skills within the industry.

Dan Flifel, Head of Talent Acquisition, Europe, AECOM says: “We worked closely with the CTRS to build a bespoke portal that was visible to a number of our major infrastructure clients, in order to help match impacted staff with highly targeted opportunities. For those employees who were affected by the re-shaping we ran a series of workshops and webinars and encouraged our staff to use the portal. As a result, 20% of those placed at risk signed up to use the scheme.

“We found the scheme very beneficial in terms of helping the wellbeing of our staff during a difficult time. We were able to make those individuals visible to our clients where we knew there would be a perfect alignment of skills and resource requirements. This in turn helped individuals to find new positions and enhanced our relationships with our clients.

“The CTRS plays a valuable role of linking people within the construction industry. It offers a holistic mechanism to retain and grow the skills in our sector while also helping to break down the silos that can exist in the industry between clients, contractors and consultants.”

Find out more about the Construction Leadership Council's (CLC's) Talent Retention Scheme, and how it can help with your skills needs, on our dedicated page. Alternatively download our flyers for businesses and individuals below.


Talent Retention Scheme - webinar for businesses

Slides from our webinar with BEIS and TRS.


Talent Retention Scheme - webinar for candidates

Slides from our webinar with BEIS and TRS.