14 FEB




The group is chaired by Neil Humphrey of Waterman Group, with Conor McCarthy of WSP as vice chair.

The advocacy group champions a practical improvement to procurement, shaping ACE’s interactions with policymakers, supporting evidence-based thought-leadership, and ensuring our industry is at the forefront of government discussions of an area which cuts across all member activity. Working closely with the Infrastructure and Project Authority (IPA) to increase transparency around the project and programme pipeline, the group also focuses on the “how” of procurement changes in client expectations. 

The July session will have two guest speakers:

- Miles Beckwith, Assistant Director | Department for Business and Trade - Services & Skills Directorate, to offer an update on the dashboard that he has created to identify best international opportunities.

- Kirsty Porter, Head of Strategic Partnerships Bloom Procurement Services will provide an update on the services Bloom offers, as well as the impacts of the forthcoming procurement Act.