29 MAR 2022


As part of our involvement in Green Infrastructure Week, Infrastructure Intelligence is hosting a keynote webinar on "Making the most of offshore wind" on Friday 29 April 2022 from 9am-10am.

Offshore wind has been identified by the government as a critical source of renewable energy for the nation's growing economy. By 2030, the UK plans to quadruple its offshore wind capacity in order to generate more power than all homes currently use today. 

As well as the net zero imperative for renewable offshore wind, in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine the government has now declared that a massive expansion of wind farms across the UK is now needed for national security reasons. According to recent news reports, the government is considering big changes to the planning laws to improve Britain’s energy independence.

The government’s soon-to-be-launched energy security strategy is likely to focus on increasing offshore wind power generation, as well as other renewables, in order to reduce Britain’s dependence on imported oil and gas and spare households and businesses from the effects of massive fluctuations on global energy markets.

As Kwasi Kwarteng, the business, energy and industrial strategy secretary, said recently: “This is no longer about tackling climate change or reaching net zero targets. Ensuring the UK’s clean energy independence is a matter of national security. Putin can set the price of gas, but he can’t directly control the price of renewables and nuclear we generate in the UK.”

This 60-minute keynote webinar, organised as part of Green Infrastructure Week, will look at what needs to happen to make the government's offshore wind aims become reality and the potential challenges and opportunities involved.

Making the most of offshore wind
An Infrastructure Intelligence keynote webinar for Green Infrastructure Week
Friday 29 April 2022 from 9am-10am.

Andy Walker, Editor, Infrastructure Intelligence

To be confirmed

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