05 JAN 2022


With business and public attention rightly being focused on the ongoing Covid pandemic over the past year or so, the effects of Brexit on UK businesses and how it is affecting the construction sector have been largely out of the spotlight. To attempt to redress this, ACE’s group for emerging professionals will explore the effects of Brexit on the construction industry in a special webinar co-hosted by Ellie Eastwood and Harry Coates of legal experts Beale & Co. 

With so many questions remaining surrounding the true impact of Brexit on the construction sector, this webinar will explore how the industry has been affected to date with a view on the challenges and potential opportunities for the sector which lie over the next 12 months.

Whether supply chains, skills and labour, quality standards, dispute resolution or public procurement, the industry’s ways of working have already been disrupted. This webinar will explore how to be best prepared for future changes to ways of working brought about by the UK’s exit from the EU.

Alongside the hosts from Beale and Co, the webinar will also welcome a number of industry experts to offer their insights at the event. 

Clare Marshall is founder of 2MPy, a business consultancy providing specialist independent advice to organisations looking to improve their businesses with strategic guidance and support. Anna Hoffman is a barrister at 4 Pump Court and has experience in a range of commercial and regulatory matters with a particular focus on shipping, technology and data protection, class actions, financial services and insurance, as well as international arbitration.

Finally, the panel will be joined by Paul Henty, a partner at Beale & Co, who advises on a wide range of regulatory matters as well as general corporate and commercial law. He has supported a number of clients with legal issues arising from Brexit, as well as issues such as privacy and data protection. 

Places for this webinar, organised by ACE’s Emerging Professionals, are free to anyone working in the industry, no matter what their seniority. To help inform the debate, all attendees are asked to complete a simple survey on the impact of Brexit on the construction industry in advance of this online event.  

Brexit: One Year On - Exploring the impact on the construction industry
An ACE Emerging Professionals webinar.
Thursday 20 January at 12.30pm (45 minutes duration)

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