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03 SEP 2019


Chris Burton on the highlights from the last 12 months


s chair of the Technical Apprenticeship Consortium (TAC) I have just completed my second year in post. The annual review is a great opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the organisation over the last 12 months.

One of our big achievements is developing and approving two new TAC led standards in the engineering consultancy sector. The degree apprenticeship in Transport Planner (Level 6) is ready to delivery in September and Environmental Practitioner (Level 6) will have a September and Spring 2020 delivery to help the industry recruit and enrol apprentices. The two new standards both lead on to professional review.

The 14 TAC members have successfully enrolled over 360 Apprentices across all six TAC standards from July 2018 and June 2019. Of these, 200 were degree apprenticeships. The news of an additional 250 in the pipeline for recruitment for the September 2019 enrolments. This is now creating a demand for new providers for both new delivery and regional work.

The members are looking forward with ways to work better together, with the transfer of funds via the Apprenticeship Levy, and creating best practice and policy documents. We continue to challenge and use the Apprenticeship Levy as best we can with workshops and surveys.

I’m delighted with the progress TAC has made in 2019. We are, of course, always looking for new members and partners, and are willing to consider new ideas. Our regional groups will be a great place to start for many, so if your company, current TAC member or not, wants to get involved to help us champion apprenticeships and deliver the next generation of engineers and technicians, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Download a copy of the TAC annual review below.

Chris Burton

Chris Burton

Chris Burton was previously chair of the Technical Apprenticeship Consortium (TAC).