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15 SEP 2021


ACE’s Emerging Professionals are researching career pathways for new cross-industry report

Last year’s Future of the Workplace report, written by ACE’s Emerging Professionals as part of the Future of Consultancy, explored what the future of our organisations could look like. One of its recommendations was to explore the creation of new career pathways – a collection of different roles which share common goals, skills, experiences and interests, and work towards a longer-term role, goals and objectives.

Aiming to demonstrate the breadth and depth of opportunities and career trajectories already available in our industry, our career pathways project will collate data and stories to discuss the active pathways in our industry. The results will be shared as part of a joint ACE and Construction Leadership Council (CLC) report.

To help us map these career pathways we are asking individuals working at member companies to complete an online form, which will, for those selected, help shape a 40 minute conversation via video call. Unless you formally decide to become a case study, your participation and commentary will be completely anonymous. It doesn’t matter how senior you are, nor what area of your business you work in,

Commenting on the project, chair of ACE’s Emerging Professionals, Georgia Hughes said: “We’d like to thank you in advance for your input in the next stage of our future of the workplace activity. I know from my own organisation that colleagues have come from varied backgrounds and I’m curious to see the results of our research.

“We want to represent the breadth and depth the industry has to offer and celebrate those careers that help make us successful. We would like to have representation from everyone from business leaders, apprentices, finance teams, executive assistants, engineers, contractors, CX designers and everyone in-between!”

This work is vital to understanding consultancy and engineering in the built environment in 2021 and this is an opportunity to tell your career story and your participation will help demonstrate to others what career growth is possible in our industry.”

Get involved today and complete and submit the short form here.