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06 DEC 2022


Economic circumstances mean an increase in pay requests from colleagues.

ACE has produced a new member-only guide aimed at supporting people and business leaders deal with pay requests.  

Offering guidance and advice on how best to respond to requests from employees around pay, it also provides support around redundancy matters. Intended to support mainly SME members, the guidance also links to legal resources and specialist experts. 

Commenting on the new member guide, author Dalvinder Bath, HR manager at ACE said: “The currently challenging times we’re living through mean people managers and team leaders are likely to receive an increase in requests from colleagues around pay. For some organisations, it may also mean a tightening of belts which could unfortunately lead to redundancies.” 

“With this in mind, we’ve produced practical support to ensure members are as prepared as possible to deal with these sometimes difficult situations.”  

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Member guide created by ACE's HR team on dealing with pay requests and redundancy.