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22 FEB 2016


PM returns from Brussels with deal he is able to put to British people

Commenting on the Prime Minister's new deal for Britain in the European Union, ACE’s chief executive Dr Nelson Ogunshakin OBE said:

"We are pleased to see that David Cameron has returned from Brussels with a deal that he feels he is able to put to the British people, and will reset and safeguard the UK’s relationship with the EU. Now we must all, every part of the UK’s political nation from politicians to the people to business, engage with the debate to decide what it is in the best interests of our great kingdom.

"Feedback from the initial consultation with ACE members was marginally in favour of remaining in EU, however, we will be studying the deal the PM has secured, as well as the proposals from all sides very closely, and consulting our members thoroughly to ascertain what the best decision would be for the UK. We must not forget this will affect all other areas of the functioning of the country, from the economy, the environment, social services, and indeed our infrastructure networks.

"We would caution all sides, however, to ensure that the debate is conducted in a cool-headed manner, focussing on the positives of either side, honest in its arguments, and final in its outcome. The public will not reward anyone they feel is not acknowledging the whole picture, and this decision is too important for the future of the UK to be treated as just another box to tick.

"The Prime Minister has fired the starting gun. Now the real debate must begin!"


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