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08 DEC 2020


Hannah Vickers welcomes the "great news for all of our members"

Hannah Vickers, chief executive of the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) which represents those who design, deliver and manage our national infrastructure, commented:

“The Construction Playbook is great news for all of our members, it addresses many of the perennial challenges around tactical, short-term procurement approaches. Whether our members are advising clients on routes to markets, procurement strategies, or delivering technical services, the Playbook will ensure that there is a good practice blueprint to refer back to.

“ACE worked in close partnership with the Cabinet Office to develop the Playbook and we’re pleased that so much of our input and insight was taken on board. As a result, I think we’ve got an approach that really works for both industry and Government and through the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) we look forward to continuing this close relationship during the implementation phase.”


Member-only briefing on the Construction Playbook now available below.

James Ketchell

James Ketchell

Head of Communications

James leads communications at ACE and EIC. He also contributes to Infrastructure Intelligence.

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Construction Playbook

December 2020

Member-only briefing on the key points from the Construction Playbook.