06 AUG 2018


Two new versions of the Infrastructure Conditions of Contract (ICC) have been released by the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE). The target cost and design and construct versions of the contracts have been updated and are now available to purchase. Among the first to use these will be Network Rail in upcoming enhancements and major renewals projects, as part of its £47 billion, five year investment programme for Control Period 6.

The new contracts are more concise, easier to read and follow a more logical sequence. They now include early warning measures and encourage mutual trust and cooperation within the legal text. In addition, these contracts have been future-proofed, accommodating issues such as BIM in a flexible way which will ensure the contract remains relevant no matter the level of BIM maturity. The target cost contract comes with an accompanying set of guidance notes with worked examples. 

These new versions will feel familiar to existing ICC users who will be pleased to know that the core clauses remain unchanged from the with quantities version published in 2014, and it still provides the flexibility to deal with a number of different situations. ICC contracts are a cost-effective way to create a professional and flexible environment for those working to deliver infrastructure projects. 

Stephen Blakey, commercial projects director at Network Rail said: “Following the successful co-operation between our organisations, we’re delighted that these new contracts have been released as they will build an even stronger environment of consistency and trust with our suppliers. These new standard forms will be simpler to use and manage, which will be welcome news to commercial practitioners and stakeholders across the supply chain.”

Commenting on the new contracts, chief executive of ACE, Nelson Ogunshakin, said: “Our continued support and development of the ICC contracts, as well as ACE Agreements, demonstrates our commitment to helping the industry work better and more effectively. Our contracts are a cost-effective way for contractors, consultants and engineers to mitigate risk, create trust and confidence, and to ensure they are as prepared as they can be to deliver major projects with certainty.”

The new ICC target costs (£33) and design and construct (£22) contracts are available to purchase now from ACE’s website, The guidance notes produced to accompany the target costs contract cost £22. 


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