23 MAR 2022


The Welsh government is looking to appoint a deputy chair and six commissioners to the National Infrastructure Commission for Wales (NICW).

It follows the appointment of Dr David Clubb as chair of the National Infrastructure Commission for Wales in November 2021 and the new commissioners will be expected to help focus on climate and nature emergencies.

Clubb is an expert in energy policy, public affairs and digital communication, having worked in the energy and environment sectors for nearly two decades. He is a founding partner at Afallen LLP, which supports organisations and businesses across Wales in delivery using future generations frameworks. He was previously head of digital at RenewableUK and director at RenewableUK Cymru.  

The Welsh government established the NICW to conduct studies into Wales’ most pressing infrastructure challenges and make recommendations to the Welsh government, in the context of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

In addition to the appointments, the terms of reference of the commission have been updated so that all the commission’s deliberations, analysis and conclusions of any infrastructure projects should take account of the climate and nature emergencies.

The timeframe of the infrastructure under consideration has also increased from five to 30 years to five to 80 years to take account of the fact that much of the infrastructure under consideration will have a lifespan of considerably longer than 30 years.

Lee Waters, Welsh deputy minister for climate change, said: “We face huge challenges in tackling climate change and I want to sharpen the commission’s focus in that area. The changes to the terms of reference will ensure the climate and nature emergencies are at the forefront of the commission’s deliberations on infrastructure projects under consideration.”

David Clubb, chair of the National Infrastructure Commission for Wales, added: “I am looking forward to leading the National Infrastructure Commission for Wales into this new phase. I am pleased that the Welsh government has confirmed funding for us to start working on improving the long-term outcomes for infrastructure in Wales. I am keen to encourage applications from people who are curious about ways in which infrastructure can better serve the people, communities, businesses and ecosystems of Wales. I look forward to hearing from a diverse range of candidates from a variety of backgrounds across Wales.”


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