14 JUN 2023


Exodigo, a leading provider of non-intrusive subsurface imaging solutions, has announced its expansion into the UK market and a successful initial project with Colas Rail, one of the largest civil engineering firms in the country.  

Exodigo's goal is to spearhead transformational change in the UK, after building out an operational base in London, with all the hardware required for full-scale project delivery.  

The firm has also appointed Trevor Moore as UK director, in a bid to build a strong team of industry experts to lead its new relationships with UK-based engineering, transportation and infrastructure leaders. 

Moore brings over 25 years of survey and mapping experience in the UK.

Before joining Exodigo, he held senior positions with operational and commercial responsibilities, most recently serving as associate director at Murphy Geospatial. 

Throughout the course of his career, he has worked with some of the largest specialist surveying firms in the UK, after starting as a graduate surveyor at Heathrow Airport. 

Trevor studied surveying at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors (CICES).  

Speaking about the potential importance of Exodigo's subsurface imaging technology, Moore said: "Redesigns and service strikes as a result of incomplete or inaccurate subsurface mapping continue to be a problem in the UK. 

"In my time in the industry, I have seen these issues cause costly delays to critical projects and it puts lives at risk. 

"Exodigo's technology has the potential to mitigate many of the risks associated with large infrastructure projects by providing comprehensive information about what lies beneath the surface."

Supporting the Birmingham Midland Metro Extension Project, Colas Rail used Exodigo's technology to scan and map a project in Birmingham for part of a light rail expansion that will connect to the city’s Curzon Street HS2 (High Speed Rail 2) Station. 

Using Exodigo, Colas Rail was able to detect over 280 below ground utility lines - including 51 additional lines that no other locator or records had detected - providing invaluable data that reduced redesign and delays. 

 “Excavating around buried services is one of our biggest risks, and the stat plans provided by statutory undertakers are in large part inaccurate," said Hamish Falconer, project manager on the rail extension for Colas Rail. 

"Exodigo’s surveys provide us with much more reliable data that can then be used to select safer excavation techniques around known services." 

Frederic Priest, business development manager at Colas Rail said the firm was "excited" to continue working with Exodigo to deliver major projects more safely and efficiently across the globe.

“Colas Rail leads the way to a more sustainable future through infrastructure projects that contribute to the respect of communities and the planet," he said.

With the ability to comprehensively map underground assets such as powerlines, pipes, bedrock and groundwater, Exodigo gives UK leaders a new way to better assess underground infrastructure risks so they can safely and efficiently execute critical capital projects.  

Building on successes across large capital projects in the United States and Israel - even earning a multi-million-dollar investment from National Grid Partners, the innovation arm of one of the world’s largest utility companies - Exodigo recently proved its value in its first foray into the UK market with Colas Rail.  

“At Colas Rail, we pride ourselves on embracing disruptive and innovative technology," said Alejandro Moreno, business development director urban & new business of Colas Rail Ltd. 

"We consider ourselves changemakers, and we are extremely impressed with Exodigo’s revolutionary subsurface imaging capabilities. 

"We look forward to employing Exodigo’s technology in our current and future capital projects to ensure safe and timely project delivery."


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