16 MAR 2022


The construction sector has hit its first target in its campaign to drive carbon out of the sector.

Last year the Construction Leadership Council launched its CO2nstruct Zero industry change programme with the aim of eradicating carbon from buildings and infrastructure. The programme includes a Performance Framework to monitor progress and whether the industry is living up to its commitments.

There are 28 metrics included as part of the framework, covering issues including the reduction of embodied carbon in products, lowering the volume of waste produced by projects and boosting the number of carbon-retrofitted homes.

While some of these metrics will take years to achieve, the campaign has secured its first success, with 90% of planning, design and estimating professionals having access to the relevant net zero training and post qualification continued professional development.

This early win is crucial as carbon awareness among designers is seen as an essential enabler for work to cut carbon elsewhere in the construction process.

The CLC has committed to updating the CO2nstruct Zero Performance Framework on a quarterly basis, with today’s publication being the second update. Other positive outcomes reported today include a steep jump in the number of heat pump installers (rising to 3,555) as well as a welcome increase in the number of properties with Energy Performance Certificates.

While this first success helps to sustain momentum, the CLC is clear that there is still a huge amount of work to do to secure the other targets in the framework. To support this the CLC will be launching a series of new initiatives in the coming months including an industry group to secure zero diesel sites, and a focus on funding and finance for retrofit, as well as continuing to work with and grow its current base of 150 supporting companies, a number of whom have a global footprint.

Lee Rowley, CLC co-chair and construction minister, said: “2021 saw CO2nstruct Zero established with industry leaders and government. 2022 will see us continue to develop and grow the programme, working with our growing network of business champions and partners to co-ordinate and promote our collective progress and influence companies across the sector’s breadth and depth to join our journey.”

Hannah Vickers, programme director for CO2nstruct Zero and chief of staff at Mace, said: “Delivering a transformed construction sector that is fit for a net zero future will take a huge, collaborative effort from across the entire industry. Ensuring that we’re measuring our collective performance is a vital first step to enable that collaboration – and that’s why the progress we’ve tracked so far is so positive. These are the first steps on a long journey; but one that is crucial to our industry’s future.”

Click here to download the latest CO2nstruct Zero Performance Framework progress report.


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