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13 APR 2022


Construction Leadership Council (CLC) seeks member views on PI insurance in follow-up to last year’s “mega-poll”

ACE is asking all members to take part in an industry-wide poll on Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance.  

**Entry date has been extended until Friday 6 May 2022**

Following on from last year’s survey, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) is once again seeking ACE member input on their views and experiences of PI Insurance in what they have called a “mega-poll”. 

Over the last few years, members and firms from across the industry, have reported sharp increases in premiums for PI insurance, as well as restrictions on the levels of cover with some firms even reporting that they can no longer secure cover for projects. 

The results of the survey will feed into activity and discussions at the CLC and help to formulate a holistic and rounded cross-industry engagement strategy on the issue. This complements activity led by ACE in this space through its Legal and Commercial forumand through its close working relationship with PI insurance affiliate, Griffiths & Armour

Members can enter the CLC survey, which is open until 6 May 2022, here.

Commenting on the survey, Karis Thain, head of membership engagement at ACE said: “This is a great opportunity for members to feed into cross-industry work on the issue, and help provide the evidence base for positive and proactive engagement with Government and other stakeholders on this issue. WeI know from personalour conversations with members that PI Insurance remains challenging for many members and this is an opportunity to raise these concerns more formally.” 

CLC chair Andy Mitchell said: “We have seen over the course of the pandemic that our industry can work together effectively to tackle the problems facing the construction sector. Given the feedback from across the sector about the difficulties faced by companies in obtaining PI insurance and the beneficial output from the previous survey’s responses, I strongly encourage companies to contribute to this year’s survey.” 

Find out more about PI Insurance at ACE on our dedicated hub.