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06 MAY 2021


Editor Andy Walker shares his highlights from the latest magazine

As the UK slowly but surely eases its way out of lockdown, the thoughts of businesses will naturally turn to a return to workplaces and some kind of ‘normal’ working – whatever that is, after a year of pandemic crisis and Covid still raging in many parts of the world.

What is clear amidst all the uncertainty is that business in the construction sector – and in many other sectors too – will not be going back to how they were before. Firms and their staff have got used to online meetings and flexible working and many want more of it, especially as in most cases there has not been a downturn in people’s productivity from working at home or remotely.

As a number of our Infrastructure Intelligence webinars have shown, towns, cities and our transport systems will change as a result of Covid – and many of these changes will be for the better and will immeasurably improve the health and wellbeing, especially mental health, of our citizens. As our centre page feature by Jamie Gordon of BECG highlights, digital engagement and working practices are here to stay.

This move towards a more wellbeing-friendly way of working is especially apt as we approach Mental Health Awareness Week on 10-16 May 2021. Following a difficult and repetitive year of pandemic lockdown and homeworking, the week offers everyone working in construction a great opportunity to engage with colleagues and the wider world around them.

Stay safe, stay connected and I hope you enjoy this issue of the magazine.

Andy Walker is the editor of Infrastructure Intelligence.

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