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04 FEB 2021


ACE submits written evidence to Transport Select Committee.

ACE has submitted written evidence to the Transport Select Committee inquiry into major transport projects: appraisal and delivery.

The submission was case study-led and showcased the work being done to reopen the Northumberland Line to passengers and why applying the concept of a design delivery partner for HS2 would reap huge benefits in terms of project efficiency.

The inquiry comes at a challenging time for the sector as it grapples with issues such as the short, medium and long-term impact of the pandemic on demand for and cost of major transport projects. It also touches on the Government’s legal commitment to Net Zero by 2050 and transport’s role as a current major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Reinforcing the recommendations in ACE’s latest report, Are We Ready? Net Zero in the built environment, the submission argues that the current policy framework for Net Zero is not well adjusted and there is a need for the high-level trajectory of Net Zero to be translated into a context for individual projects.

More specifically the inquiry will explore:

  • Transport infrastructure strategy and priorities
  • The appraisal and funding of transport infrastructure
  • Oversight, accountability and governance of transport infrastructure projects
  • Factors influencing the cost and capacity and skills required to deliver the infrastructure plans

Commenting on the submission, ACE’s Director of Policy, Matthew Farrow said: “This welcome inquiry is an opportunity for us to showcase cutting edge thinking on fundamental issues that the transport sector and major projects are facing.

“We’ve also shared our thoughts on Net Zero and how more needs to be done to ensure that we can deliver a truly carbon free future for our transport networks.”

Download the submission below. Browse our archive of policy submissions in our Policy Library.


Major Transport Projects

January 2021

Transport Select Committee Inquiry into appraisal and delivery.