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15 JUL 2021


TAC is looking for input around a newly developed standard, Level 4 information manager

The Technical Apprenticeship Consortium (TAC), the one-stop source of information, advice and guidance for ACE and EIC members who employ, or who are thinking of employing apprentices, are seeking input on a newly developed standard.

The Level 4 information manager standard has been designed to help to meet increasing employer demand around digital and data. A future information manager will not only be responsible for managing information throughout a project's lifecycle, but also the delivery of critical information. In addition, they will be responsible for cyber-security of all information stored or shared.

A workshop is being held on Friday 23 July to explore its further development. The meeting will cover the viable provision of this apprenticeship in partnership with academic providers, as well as how it might be used by employers.

ACE and EIC members interested in finding out more, or attending this meeting, are encouraged to email Kimberly Murphy, apprenticeship and skills manager at ACE.

She said: “As well as facilitating apprenticeship standards and skills, TAC also supports the development new standards which will be of interest to our industry. There is a great opportunity to help shape the delivery of the future information manager standard, which has huge potential for our sector, and I’d ask any ACE or EIC member interested to drop me a line.”

Interested in finding out more about working with apprentices? ACE and EIC members can get in touch with Kimberly Murphy today.  Or visit the dedicated TAC pages today.