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17 AUG 2020


Browse our online guide to the industry's best

ACE has relaunched its online member database, Find a Consultant.

Enabling searches of members by nation/region, business specialism, name - or a combination of the three - the tool provides an intuitive way for clients to find the services they’re looking for.

As well as the usual contact details you would expect, the tool also shares information on branch offices, company websites and social media channels.

Director of Membership and Business Engagement, Darrell Matthews said: “Those with long memories will remember previous iterations of the tool, but we’re delighted to finally be able to provide a platform for ACE members to showcase their offering on our current site.”

“As well as acting as a public certificate of ACE membership, Find a Consultant will allow potential clients to sift through our broad and diverse membership base to find the particular specialists they’re looking for. For SMEs it also means an equal playing field ensuring their names have equal status alongside their larger peers.”

“We will be promoting the service to public and private sector clients as our online guide to the industry’s best. We’ll reinforce the power of the tool which will allow them to secure the specialist skills they require and also to support businesses local to them.”

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Although every effort has been made for the database to reflect publicly available information, there will be instances where improvements can be made. Please contact Judith Herdsman with any requests for change.