The world is changing. Technological, environmental and human advances have disrupted many industries.

Our industry now stands on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution. Led by data and technology, new tools are emerging – self-monitoring infrastructure, offsite and modular construction, drones and virtual reality which enables engineers to monitor projects from their desks, digital design which takes minutes, rather than weeks.

All of this to help build the “smart” infrastructure society is demanding such as more efficient turn-up and go transport networks and sustainable, yet affordable, housing.

But is our industry ready to meet this new way of working?

The two-year and multi-phased Future of Consultancy campaign will help the entire consultancy and engineering sector not only adapt to, but welcome, a new era of design and delivery in the built environment.

Working in partnership with members, industry stakeholders and clients from the private and public sectors, Future of Consultancy will deliver tangible outputs (in training, contracts and industrial processes) to help our members and the wider industry seize the opportunities offered by technological advances in digital technology, offsite construction, big data and AI.

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Four work streams have been identified, within which the following questions will be answered:

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  • What are the opportunities for applying technology to develop new products and services in strategic planning and placemaking, delivering integrated projects, or data, insight and analysis?

  • What do clients and customers value and what are the opportunities for consultancy to maximise this?

  • What is the role of the integrator in delivering integrated projects?

  • How can consultants best add value in manufactured solutions?

  • Where in the world can UK consultancy and engineering expertise add the most value and what’s the route to market?

  • What do consultants need to know and where can they access support when working internationally?

  • What is the skills profile of the future workforce?

  • What should the businesses of the future look like in terms of people, planet and profit to attract the best talent?

  • What are the ownership structures, business models and contracts to deliver consultancy in future?
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This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and your organisation to help shape the future of the entire industry. It’s your chance to demonstrate thought-leadership and innovation.

Whether you work for a customer/partner, a large company, a SME or as an individual, you can get involved in a variety of ways.

Email us to find out more.

  •  Share your existing research and best-practice
  •  Attend events, take part in surveys 
  •  Sponsor a workstream or report, host an event
  •  Place staff on secondment to the campaign
  •  Sign-up to the newsletter
  •  Join ACE
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Future of Consultancy

Future of Consultancy


Questions about the campaign? Want to get involved? Email us today!

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