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A manifesto for UK infrastructure

ACE's election manifesto makes the case for significant investment in infrastructure.

New mayors pledge to benefit infrastructure

All the newly elected metro majors have made pledges that should benefit infrastructure.

Create positive pressure to make things happen, says ...

Lord Heseltine says industry leaders need to engage politically to bring about change.

Britain's railways poised to modernise

Technology is set to improve Britain’s rail network. Jon Masters met up with the managing director for Digital Railway, David Waboso, to get an update on plans for mod...

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In collaboration with our SME members, ACE is campaigning on a number of issues, including:

Allowing SMEs access to public sector procurement and overcoming the barriers and cost of entry experienced by our membership to access major framework projects, creating an even playing field in public sector procurement.

Campaigning to decrease late payments. Adding the strong voice of ACE to lobbying government to reverse the unfair practices of clients withholding payment.

Monitoring the implementation of BIM on projects. As integration and adoption of BIM is increasing in our SME membership, and it will be important to understand the effect that has on implementation and integration costs.

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