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With over ten years’ experience leading the development of apprenticeship standards for the engineering and consultancy industry, Technical Apprenticeship Consortium (TAC) is uniquely placed to provide advice for any employer hiring or considering hiring apprentices.

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As well as browsing the extensive advice in our FAQs, ACE and EIC members can contact Dalvinder Bath today for free advice on any aspect of employing or managing an apprentice.

No question is too basic. TAC can also share best-practice from other employers and recommend specific educational providers who have been identified for their excellence and care.


Two to three times a year TAC holds regular meetings which bring together employers, professional institutions and regionally based training providers. The open regional forums are an informal way for apprenticeship employers to share best practice, keep abreast of industry developments, and network.

We host meetings for London & the South EastMidlands, the North and South West. Interested in attending? Contact Dalvinder Bath today.


Trailblazer groups are made up of employers based in England, professional bodies, training providers and trade associations that come together to create new apprenticeship standards and end point assessment plans. Employers are able join existing groups, or form a new one if the standard does not exist.

TAC currently facilitates five trailblazer groups on behalf of engineering consultancy sector employers. Contact Caroline Sudworth today to see how we can help.

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Dalvinder Bath

Dalvinder Bath

HR Manager

Dalvinder supports members with information and advice on all areas linked to people, skills and development.

phone07944 927 167