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05 DEC 2016


Panel will give members peace of mind when choosing new partners.

Professional indemnity (PI) insurance is vital to members’ risk management strategies, with a good broker being fundamental in helping to select an appropriate insurer and policy terms. A firm’s broker is also a key source of advice on risk related issues arising in day to day operations. With many ACE members reporting that a strong relationship with their broker developed over many years, ACE seeks to encourage this.

For those members who are reviewing their needs, we are pleased to announce ACE’s Preferred PI Broker Panel, chosen through a recent competitive selection process, giving members diverse options.

ACE’s Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance Preferred Broker Panel from 2017:

Brunel Professions
Brunel is a fast-growing independent professional indemnity insurance broker, with recognised commitment to competitive placement, differentiated offerings, sustainability and client understanding.

Established in 2005 to provide genuinely independent brokering services, specialist in house claims handling and risk management to businesses of all sizes, Brunel’s approach is to utilise the open market to create bespoke propositions for clients. Today we are one of the UK’s fastest growing PII brokers for consultants and engineers, and are proud to be leading the PII industry on environmental issues.

Brunel believe in differentiating its offerings based on a proper understanding of the client, its needs, and its own choices. This means our clients benefit from full market review, competitive pricing and access to more appropriate wordings for their risk. Our goal is to provide fast, informal, reassuring and informed client service, tailored to the individual needs of our client’s business. We believe in creating a dialogue with our clients and have the expertise to explain the issues so that our clients can make educated decisions. We understand that our client’s time is valuable and aim to make the insurance process as efficient and painless as possible.

Griffith & Armour
Griffiths & Armour is a leading Professional Indemnity insurance and risk management adviser, providing a personal and responsive service to their clients. For over 70 years they have worked in close partnership with ACE members, offering effective and affordable insurance protection combined with informed risk management advice and expert claims handling support.

With an outstanding reputation throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and overseas, Griffiths & Armour act for a large number of construction consultants of all shapes and sizes, from sole practitioners to 30,000 strong FTSE-100 listed Engineering companies. Their presence within the insurance market ensures access to a broad range of insurers but they are not restricted to ‘off the shelf’ solutions. Griffiths & Armour are renowned for developing exclusive PI facilities which provide tailored solutions designed to safeguard members’ interests and support their future growth.

Above all, Griffiths & Armour’s clients value the certainty of protection and the support received from a team of professionals who are informed, engaged and who fully understand their business. & that’s the difference.

From ACE’s panel, members can expect to be able to find a broker:

  • With the appropriate experience and expertise in the consultancy and engineering market;
  • That is committed to service and support. The existence of service level standards is not to suggest that all options are the same. There may be differences in cover and other aspects of the brokers proposition and members are encouraged to engage with the Preferred Brokers and satisfy themselves on the option suited to their particular business and professional needs. Whilst our panel brokers each offer a unique approach to serving their clients, each broker has committed to meeting at least the level defined by Key Performance Indicators (KPI) set out by ACE. ACE will seek regular feedback from its members and carry out regular reviews with the brokers, in order to assess members' experiences of using the Panel and any areas for improvement; and
  • Which offers a unique proposition – the mix of brokers on the Panel was selected, in order to reflect that ACE’s membership is made up of a diverse range of firms in terms of size, headcount, project size/type, stages of business development, business investment priorities and international project exposure. We’ve chosen a panel from which you should be able to find a solution for your firm no matter where your business fits into the range of member profiles.

Therefore, if you are reviewing your PII insurance needs, we encourage you to get to know ACE’s Panel Brokers and to choose a broker with whom you can develop an effective partnership over time, in order to best meet your specific insurance, risk management and commercial needs.

Please be aware that you will be creating legal relations with your broker and your insurer, and the terms should be considered carefully in each case. ACE is only an introducer and will not be a party to members’ contracts with the brokers or insurers. ACE is not able to advise on the terms or suitability of any insurance product and accepts no contractual or professional responsibility in respect of any terms agreed or advice given by the brokers.


James Ketchell

James Ketchell

Head of Communications

James leads communications at ACE and EIC. He also contributes to Infrastructure Intelligence.

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