10 MAY 2023


Yorkshire Water has issued contract notices, valued at approximately £3bn, to help the utility deliver its proposed AMP8 capital investment programme.

The organisation is looking to procure an alliance to deliver its stormwater programme – aiming to make substantial reductions in sewage overflows into watercourses – which will deliver c£1.3bn of investment in the next 10 years. 

Andy Clark, head of commercial at Yorkshire Water, said: “We are currently working with customers, stakeholders and regulators to finalise programmes of work to be included in the AMP8 period, which will form part of our largest ever environmental investment programme.

“We want to really challenge ourselves as we look to the future of our delivery plan, recognising the need to evolve our processes and how we do business, to deliver the best possible value for our customers in these challenging times.

“We are looking to hear from organisations with the expertise to deliver our ambitious goals over the AMP8 period and beyond.”

Rachael Fox, head of programme delivery, said: “We are incredibly excited by our AMP8 investment programme and the opportunity to work in partnership with the water industry supply chain to deliver efficient, low carbon solutions, offering best value to our customers. 

“We want to build sustainable, long-term relationships with our partners, with a view to collaboratively delivering our £3bn capital programme successfully and continuing into AMP9.”

Partners will be required to provide expertise, guidance, support and resources in design, planning, management, and delivery of assets. This will include new assets, renewals, modifications, maintenance, and refurbishment works.

Interested parties are invited to attend a supplier briefing hosted by Yorkshire Water on Monday 5 June 2023.


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