05 NOV 2020


National framework provider Pagabo has appointed Charley Wainwright as its ‘The Future of Construction Lead’. The newly created role will lead on the organisation’s The Future of Construction initiative, which aims to shape the future of the construction sector through industry-wide collaboration. 

The wide-ranging role will see former geo-environmental engineer Wainwright – who has spent ten years working for Ramboll, WSP and JNP Group – focusing on new ways of working, and how to implement them for the betterment of the whole sector. 

Looking forward to his new role, Wainwright said: “I’m thrilled to have joined Pagabo at a really exciting time for the business. It has been great to see that the rest of the team share my passion for finding better ways of doing things within construction – both from an environmental and well-being perspective.

“Everything the team has been working on – particularly since the launch of the Future of Construction initiative earlier this year – is completely aligned with my passions and experiences. For example, the work being done with Moodbeam in regard to tackling the stigma and issues around mental well-being within construction is an area that I am very excited to be working closely on moving forwards.

“Another area we’ll be examining is how we can adapt and bring industry qualifications to make them future-ready. We know that a great deal of technology is changing how things are done within construction, and as such the necessary skills required across the board are also changing. 

“I am determined to spearhead collaborative working among industry leaders in the hope of creating a better, more cooperative future for our industry. I think the industry is heading to some great places, but the only way we will truly drive permanent positive change is through industry-wide effort, and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in and making a real difference.” 

Simon Toplass, chief executive officer at Pagabo, said: “With the rapid changes going on in the world in terms of technology-driven practices and changing attitudes to work-life balance, it’s really important that our industry keeps up. The workforce of tomorrow needs to see construction not just as a job, but an enticing career option, which is why we embarked on The Future of Construction initiative and created Charley’s new role.”


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