23 FEB 2022


A new industry white paper outlines a ten-point plan identifying the key challenges and strategies for success arising from increasing disruption across the construction industry.

A brand-new white paper published today (23.2.22) has outlined a ten-point plan to help the industry embrace disruption in construction, identifying the key challenges to navigate as part of the post-Covid recovery and the strategies to ensure long term success.

Published by Infrastructure Intelligence in partnership with digital technology specialists Deltek, Embracing Disruption in Construction includes insights from leading industry specialists from Turner & Townsend, Civic Engineers, Sutcliffe and Deltek.

Andy Walker, Infrastructure Intelligence editor, said: “The construction sector is being challenged like never before by a range of issues that, taken together, have the potential to radically change the way the industry works. A combination of sustainability requirements, cost pressures, skills scarcity, digitalisation and a new breed of player entering the sector, looks set to transform construction businesses in the years ahead.

“One thing the pandemic has shown us is that digitalisation is here to stay. Firms have had to embrace technology and staff have adapted to new ways of working. It’s clear that to be competitive and relevant in an ever-changing business landscape companies will need to ensure they and their staff are up to date with the latest digital developments. This white paper and its ten-point plan is an excellent place to start.”

The comprehensive ten-point plan covers the following key areas: -

  1. Covid-driven rethink is changing the way we work 
  2. Digitalisation is here to stay
  3. Investment in tech, skills and training
  4. Increased focus on productivity
  5. Net zero and the sustainability challenge
  6. A welcome focus on value – social and environmental
  7. Industry resilience – positive bounce back from the pandemic
  8. Purposeful innovation 
  9. Embrace disruption (don’t be disrupted by it)
  10. Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration

Deltek’s Nick Nieder said: “One of the things we are very focused around is purposeful innovation – looking at what a business needs and how we can support them. It’s not about being shiny and new for the sake of it. It’s about being simple and practical – and clients that weren’t previously match-fit that have embraced new technology are now accelerating. They’ve embraced new technology and made changes for the right reasons, taking on board new ways of working to improve productivity and sustainability with the best use of data. And, from a risk management perspective, if you’ve got the right information in the right hands, you’ll make the right decisions.”

Nathan Marsh, chief digital officer at Turner & Townsend, said: “Our sector is facing a whole range of changes and we have no option but to navigate them successfully. The opportunity is there for the industry to operate in a more consistent way, embracing new technology and new ways of working. We mustn’t get stage fright and should work together more in collaboration as an industry.”

Sean Keyes, managing director of north-west based SME consultancy Sutcliffe, said: “There’s no turning the clock back – digitalisation is completely here. It’s vital to invest in digitalisation, to keep investing in technology and to keep improving on a continual basis.” 

Andy Walker added: “Disruption and digitalisation go hand in hand – and both are here to stay. By investing in skills, digital literacy, and the right technology with the right digital strategy, the industry can embrace disruption rather than be disrupted by it. Infrastructure Intelligence is delighted to publish this white paper with Deltek to help our industry embrace the challenges ahead.” 

Click here to download the Embracing Disruption in Construction white paper.

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