20 MAY 2019


Five newly appointed regional managing directors are set to play a key part in Network Rail’s evolution to "a more nimble, customer-focused company that puts passengers first.”

Andrew Haines, Network Rail chief executive, said: “We’re making these changes as a major part of our plan to provide the best possible service for passengers and freight users, to deliver the promises we’ve made for the next five years and to improve the way we work together as an industry. Devolving the company further into 13 routes, supported by five regions led by our new managing directors, will drive focus on what matters most to our customers; a more punctual, reliable and efficient railway.” 

The new roles are:

  • Alex Hynes, managing director, Scotland’s Railway
  • John Halsall, managing director, Southern
  • Mark Langman, managing director, Wales and Western
  • Rob McIntosh, managing director, Eastern
  • Tim Shoveller, managing director, North West and Central

Tim Shoveller, joins from Stagecoach where he is managing director of their UK rail division, said: “Coming from an operator background where a customer-focused approach was second nature, gives me a unique perspective for this new and exciting role. I will ensure that the passengers’ voice is heard and their needs - and those of freight users - are always considered first.”

Other new appointments include Martin Frobisher as group engineering director and Nick King, group director, network services. King, who joins from Australia’s Queensland Rail, said: “Britain has one of the biggest, fastest growing and safest railways in the world and I’m very excited to be joining Network Rail at this critical phase in its growth into an organisation that puts the passenger first.”

Six other current positions complete Network Rail’s new executive leadership team:

  • Alison Rumsey, group HR director
  • Becky Lumlock, group transformation director
  • Caroline Murdoch, group communications director
  • Jeremy Westlake, chief financial officer
  • Jo Kaye, managing director system operator
  • Susan Cooklin, managing director route services

Andrew Haines said: “These are big roles with hefty responsibilities that will deliver on our plans to put the passenger and freight user at the heart of Network Rail. Deeper devolution is key to our future success giving us the tools, capability and authority to deliver for passengers, customers and funders. It will streamline decision-making, give autonomy and help us to work hand-in-glove with operators. Decisions are best taken by people who have direct line of sight to the full consequences of those decisions and these new roles deliver just that.”

The five new regions and their managing directors will start on 24 June. The detail and make-up of their organisations is currently being designed and, say Network Rail, the new managing directors will be actively involved in that work.


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