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01 JUL 2021


Paul Tremble, chair ACE Future Markets, on the launch of Consultancy 4.0


e started with a simple premise – an online platform to showcase the best of our industry and demonstrate how we are working differently to before.

The end-result, Consultancy 4.0, takes ACE’s Future of Consultancy research into a new space – less conceptual and more focused around practical member support. Rather than discussing how things can and should change, we’re now exploring how they already have, while proactively sharing it with potential public and private clients.

The core narrative we developed to engage outlines the changing world we’re working in. Pre-pandemic we were focusing on data, demand and devolution driving change, but we’re also now also expected to "build back better.”

As clients’ natural partner of choice, consultancies can unlock new opportunities thanks to data, expert insight and analysis. However, to make the most of this partnership, we need new reward models which maximise value.

Thanks to Consultancy 4.0 we are now challenging these out of date client perceptions. Paul Tremble

The name, referencing the fourth industrial revolution, makes clear that we’ve upgraded our offering. What’s now on offer is hugely different to a decade or five years ago – and thanks to Consultancy 4.0 we are now challenging these out of date client perceptions.

To help clients’ engage with this new offering, ACE has identified four roles and 12 associated services. As well as providing a practical framework, it gives a hook for visual and engaging case studies, showing in tangible terms how our industry is now delivering across the lifecycle of the asset and in previously unimaginable ways.

We will use this platform as a basis for further engagement with clients and are currently devising a full programme of activity for the second half of the year. However, its success will largely depend on how ACE members support it. To my mind, there is a great opportunity to demonstrate member credentials, no matter business size, and no matter its specialism.

In due course, I hope that will also create the opportunity for greater industry collaboration, key if we are to play our part meeting larger ambitions, such as achieving a Net Zero economy.

However, I know from personal experience at WSP that creating a language, culture and framework around new approaches can sometimes be the most difficult thing of any change programme. Through Consultancy 4.0, ACE is providing a starting point for any member to begin to change the client/consultant conversation.

Paul Tremble is chair of ACE Future Markets and UK chief strategy officer at WSP. Replay the launch event below.

Paul Tremble

Paul Tremble

Chief Strategy Officer

Paul is Chief Strategy Officer at WSP in the UK and chair of ACE's Future Markets.