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26 FEB 2018


Sustainable Smart Cities event to bring together industry and local authorities

Following extensive stakeholder engagement, has proven the interest of cities and urban areas in using smart technology to help them meet their environmental and sustainability goals more efficiently and, by extension, more cost effectively.

This event, which takes place at Broadway House in Central London on Wednesday 18 April 2018 between 12pm to 7pm, will bring together those with budgetary responsibility at a Local Authority level with senior industry stakeholders to shape a policy, technological and financial understanding of how this principle can be delivered in practice – drawing on experiences and expertise from across the globe.

Topics covered will include:

  • Why smart sustainability? Making the business case
  • Using smart tech to generate income at city level
  • Devolution and city autonomy’s ability to deliver cost-effective change
  • ‘Beyond cities’ – applying these principles outside the city context (e.g. in smaller towns and rural communities, where the challenges will be different)
  • Engaging the citizen, increased spend?
  • Case study presentations across the full spectrum of environmental challenges

This event is organised in conjunction with the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning & Transport (ADEPT).

Places will be limited and we are charging a nominal fee of £50 at the early bird rate (£75 full price). Book now!

An initiative from ACE and sister organisation the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC), provides a central, industry-led resource to bring together those using smart technology and big data to create cleaner, greener and more sustainable cities. It is a neutral platform aimed at bringing together the full range of stakeholders necessary to make this market work and encouraging collaboration. In addition, the work shapes the industry by producing thought-leadership, market intelligence and investment insight, and engages government to create a legislative framework which supports and encourages these innovations.