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17 FEB 2022


New webcast series from ACE’s group for emerging professionals premieres 9 March 2022

Fresh Perspectives is a new webcast series from ACE’s Emerging Professionals, the group for the next generation of business leaders.  

Released every two to three weeks, the series of short webcasts feature a one-on-one conversation with an inspirational emerging professional on some of the most challenging topics facing our industry. 

Covering climate change and the move to Net Zero, leadership in a digital world, how to make a difference, starting your own business, and the challenges of working abroad, viewers will not only learn how to influence the industry to address these challenges, but how they can make decisions to positively impact their day-to-day working lives. 

  • Fresh Perspectives 1.1: How to lead the way on climate change – Premieres Wednesday 9 March at 12pm. Wojciech Szewczak and Tom Worthington, sustainability and carbon consultant at Atkins explore the take-aways from COP26 and how emerging professionals can lead the way on climate.  

  • Fresh Perspectives 1.2: How to become a leader in the digital age – Premieres Wednesday 23 March at 12pm. Wojciech Szewczak and Emily Scoones, senior computational design engineer at Ramboll discuss hybrid career paths, accelerating innovation and how digital transformation will change the way we work.
  • Fresh Perspectives 1.3: How to make a difference – Premieres Wednesday 6 April at 12pm. Wojciech Szewczak and Georgia Hughes, global capabilities & cultural shift programme manager at Arcadis and former chair of the ACE Emerging Professionals, explore what is means to be an emerging professional today and in the future workplace. 
  • Fresh Perspectives 1.4: Is Net Zero achievable for the construction industry? – Premieres Wednesday 27 April at 12pm. Hannah Ducas and Diego Padilla-Philipps technical director at WSP, explore what Net Zero means for the construction industry and how the challenge is being picked up by the sector. This episode coincides with Green Infrastructure Week.
  • Fresh Perspectives 1.5: How to start your own business – Premieres Wednesday 11 May at 12pm. Emily Scoones and Brittany Harris, co-founder and CEO of QFlow, a tech start up that is helping to make construction projects more sustainable, discuss entrepreneurship and the challenges of starting your own business.
  • Fresh Perspectives 1.6: How to live and work abroad – Premieres Wednesday 25 May at 12pm. Kat Brown and Farai Mwashita, international project engineer at CBRE discuss the challenges and benefits of moving abroad for work. 

Chair of ACE Emerging Professionals Wojciech Szewczak said: “We’re excited to soon be launching our new webcast series and would like to thank all of the inspirational participants who gave up their time to help make it happen. We wanted to tackle some of the major issues in an easy-to-digest, conversational way – perfect for lunchtime viewing or even an extended tea break!” 

“Following the episode premieres, we’ll be continuing the conversation on our LinkedIn page so hope you’ll join us there to get involved, starting with our first webcast with Tom Worthington, sustainability and carbon consultant at Atkins on 9 March 2022 at 12pm exploring how emerging professionals can lead the way on climate change.” 

All of the webcasts will be available on ACE’s YouTube channel, with short previews also shared on the ACE Emerging Professionals Linked In page.