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11 MAY 2021


Following changes to job retention scheme in May, download our member-only guidance

With changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, commonly referred to as “furlough” introduced on 1 May 2021, ACE has produced new member-only guidance to provide an update on the issue.

Aimed at HR experts and practitioners, as well as directors of SMEs, the guidance outlines the changes coming to the scheme over the summer and links to sources of official information and advice.

This new guidance complements previously published and regularly updated guidance from ACE for members to help them deal with COVID-19.

Furlough is currently scheduled to “taper downwards” between now and September when the scheme concludes. There has been no update on whether any form of support will be available once the scheme ends.

Commenting on the guidance’s release, Claire Clifford, Director of People, Skills and Culture at ACE said: “Furlough has been the central to Government support throughout the pandemic and, as things stand, the changes introduced last week mark the beginning of the end for the scheme.

“This update will help your company keep on top of the changes and ensure no surprises.”

Once logged in, members can download a copy via the link below. Explore more guidance and support in our COVID-19 Hub.


Coronavirus Employment Schemes - Update

May 2021

Following changes to furlough in May, ACE provides an update to its guidance.