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25 APR 2019


Updated contracts will be available from May 2019

Next month, ACE will be publishing three new ACE Agreements. These agreements are part of a new suite of documents designed to replace the previous set, published in 2009, and are more clearly drafted, up to date and recognise current industry requirements.  

2017 first saw the publication of the new ACE Professional Services Agreement and associated Sub-Consultancy Agreement which have now become well known and widely used and the three new agreements complement these documents. 

The Agreements to be published in May are: 

  • ACE Professional Services Agreement Advisory, Investigatory and other Services which replaces Agreement 2 
  • ACE Professional Services Consumer Agreement which replaces Agreement 5 (the Homeowner Agreement_ 
  • ACE Professional Services Agreement Certification of Structural Design (for use in Scotland) which replaces Agreement 9 

The Professional Services Agreement for Investigatory, Advisory and other Services and the Consumer Agreement can be used in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. As before, the Agreement for the Certification of Structural Design is solely for use in Scotland to cater for the legal registration requirements in Scotland. The Consumer Agreement takes account of relevant consumer legislation and provides a helpful document for those entering into an agreement with a domestic client by providing for all that is required by law when providing services in such circumstances. 

Details of when these agreements are available and how to order copies will follow shortly. In the meantime, browse all of our agreements and contracts for sale on our website.