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03 AUG 2021


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The Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) has produced a briefing note to help members digest the UK Government’s recently published Transport Decarbonisation Plan.

Recently shared by the Department for Transport (DfT), it builds on a previous publication released in March 2020 which outlined the scale of additional reductions needed to deliver transport’s contribution to legally binding carbon budgets and to delivering net zero by 2050.

As transport is the largest contributor to UK domestic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, around 27% in 2019, measures in this space will be crucial to meeting overall targets and ambitions. The plan also aims for a series of knock-on benefits, including improved air quality, noise, health, reducing congestion and delivering high-quality jobs and growth.

In a blog on our site, chair of the transport and mobility group Andy Bell commented on the plan’s publication: “As has often been the case with this area of policy, rhetoric and ambition outweigh the detail within individual strategies." He added: "To help us develop the further insights our transport and mobility and Net Zero groups are looking for support and input to co-develop this work on behalf of the industry. Get in touch today and let us know how you can help."

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Briefing - Transport Decarbonisation Plan

August 2021

Memebr-only briefing on key Department for Transport Plan.