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23 JAN 2020


ACE Emerging Professionals report from the latest Future of Work event in Birmingham

Ebunife Botu, Emerging Professionals Midlands, reports from the ACE-ing Change Management workshop held at Arcadis in Birmingham on 16 January.

In most organisations today change has become a core part of everyday life. This is why change management has become an important skill which can offer numerous benefits to those who know how to execute it correctly. Nora Taylor, Calvin Chan and Ayrton Dhillon of Arcadis’ Business Transformation division guided attendees through an evening of learning and practical experience of simulated changes.

Change management is the discipline that guides how we prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organisational success and outcomes. The world is changing at a faster rate, meaning that organisations are subject to constant changes - whether political uncertainty, digitisation, climate crisis, cultural attitudes, demographics, macro-economic downturns, social value or evolving supply chains.

During this event, differences between project management and change management were explored. It was highlighted that rational, political and emotional factors contribute to successful project delivery.

Attendees participated in the Egg Drop activity, which simulated a typical design project. Participants were tasked with the design and construction of a casing to protect an egg from a fall. Variables such as team composition, time allocated, resources and costs were randomly altered by the client. At the end of the activity, the designs were tested, and the client selected the preferred option based on criteria outlined in the brief. Attendees then shared their feelings about how changes to the brief affected them individually and as a team.

According to Kotter’s change curve, an individual experiences six stages during any change: shock, apprehension, bargaining, experimental, optimism and embracing change. These stages were reflected during the activity and were made relatable to professional environments through active discussion.

As Emerging Professionals, we are primed to work in dynamic, fast paced environments. It is imperative that we are able to respond to change to secure our position in the future of our industry.

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