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16 JUL 2020


ACE to deliver key aspect of Construction Innovation Hub R&D programme

The Construction Innovation Hub (CIH) has shared additional details of the Government backed R&D programme to help industry make the fundamental shift towards value-based decision-making.

The Hub is developing a new Value Toolkit to help policymakers and clients make swifter and better informed decisions as they wrestle with the complexity of delivering value which meets key policy objectives, notably around implementing modern methods of construction, social impact and accelerating the path towards Net Zero.

CIH Programme Director Keith Waller said: “The starting gun on sector recovery has well and truly been fired. It is crucial, however, that we don’t lose sight of the bigger prize here - the opportunity to embed a lasting shift towards value-based decisions that drive better social, economic and environmental outcomes.

“By abandoning, once and for all, our sector’s historic affinity with cheapness and embracing a new model where delivering value drives our decision-making, we can ensure that UK construction is actively supporting the path to Net Zero, boosting productivity, delivering safe, higher quality buildings, improve social impact, supporting regeneration, levelling up and much more.”

ACE is a key partner in the project and will be researching and developing ideas around delivery models and commercial strategy – one strand out of four that the entire project will tackle. Other areas explore definitions of value, procurement and measurement.

Conor McCarthy, associate at WSP, has been seconded onto the project to spearhead the vital R&D work on behalf of ACE, for CIH. Welcoming Conor, Hannah Vickers, chief executive at ACE said: “We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Conor who will be working on a crucial project which has the potential to change procurement for the benefit of an entire industry. We’d also like to publicly thank WSP for their support.”

On ACE's involvement in the development of the Toolkit, she added: “We are delighted to help. Not only is it recognition of our role as a leading voice in this field, but also a great opportunity to shape real and tangible benefits for ACE members as we collectively enable better decision making.”

“The Construction Innovation Hub shares our views that as an industry we need to be able to meet definitions of value which better reflect the complexities of the world we’re now working in. Value is about delivering better, not cheaper, and we’re delighted to be working on a project that will make it as easy as possible for all of us to do so.”

Download the CIH's 'Intro to An Introduction To The Value Toolkit' here.