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04 JAN 2018


ACE Agreements bring certainty and provide legal framework

No matter what projects they’re involved with, consultants and engineers are used to working to detailed plans and following standard procedures. This helps to create a transparent working environment where all know what is expected of them. Yet working without a clear legal framework obviously introduces a new level of uncertainty that engineers should feel uncomfortable with.

Recently updated in 2017, ACE agreements are industry standard documents, which offer up-to-date and flexible agreements for both the end-client and consultants.

ACE views these agreements as vital to the sector – it’s only with an agreed legal framework that we can have a transparent and accountable industry which is truly focused on delivery. This is why we worked with our legal experts to produce and update the eight agreements for those operating in England and Wales, plus another nine for those working in Scotland. We also offer standard short-form agreements and a schedule of services. All of this has been produced to bring clarity and certainty to all our members’ projects – no matter their size and wherever they work.

Rosemary Beales is contracts advisor at ACE and believes these agreements are, “a win-win for everyone”. Before adding, “the good-will and confidence it generates with project managers and clients means even the smallest contractor can bid for work in confidence.”

The agreements are flexible enough to be tailored to meet the requirements of almost any project and are presented in a logical and user-friendly format. The most recent update in 2017 further addressed a range of ‘new’ industry issues including, good payment practice, collaboration, risk management, BIM, dispute resolution and soft landings.

As we enter 2018, now is the ideal time to make a new year’s resolution to get your legal affairs in order!

The ACE agreements are available to buy now in paper and digital formats and members receive 50% off.