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10 MAY 2022


Shape an upcoming ACE campaign on building resilient communities.

To help shape an upcoming joint ACE and EIC campaign on building resilient post-pandemic communities, members are being asked to share how they are helping to design and deliver with Covid-19 in mind. 

The campaign will explore what is needed to ensure our communities are resilient to future waves of coronavirus and even future pandemics, as well offering solutions for the longer-term impacts we have seen on how we live, work and travel. 

It will explore some of the big questions raised by the last few years, including:  

- Local community vs. commuting to urban centres 
- Ensuring financially and environmentally sustainable transport 
- Supporting the explosion in active travel  
- Reimaging our urban centres owing to a decline in office use and in-person retail 
- How we can retrofit to create pandemic-proof structure 
- How design standards, the planning system and local authorities can ensure a focus on health and wellbeing. 

Members are being asked to share any thoughts, ideas, projects, and best-practice with ACE's policy team ahead of the campaign which should launch later this year. Please email Guto Davies today

Commenting on the call for case studies, Guto Davies, head of policy at ACE said: “Our members are rightly known for their ability to provide solutions to some of society’s most complex problems. Ensuring our built environment can withstand mutations of the virus and future pandemics should now be a major focus and I know our members are well placed to deliver key steps towards resilient post-pandemic communities.”