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17 DEC 2020


As negotiations for a deal between UK and EU continue, ACE shares Brexit checklist

With the UK government and the EU continuing discussions for a new deal to come in force on 1 January 2021, ACE has pulled together a checklist to ensure your business is ready – whether deal or no deal.

ACE has a diverse membership base and as such not all of the areas listed below will be relevant/applicable in every instance. Our thanks to the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) for their input in pulling together this checklist.

- People – A new points-based immigration system begins on 1 Jan 2021. Find out what you need to do to become a licensed sponsor, the new routes for employing overseas workers and information and advice for EU, Swiss and EEA nationals already in the UK, by reading our detailed guidance on movement of people.

- Contracts – We are encouraging all companies to review their contracts. Read the CLC’s guidance on future-proofing contracts and managing contractual disputes.

- Procurement – From 1 Jan 2021, public tenders that were previously advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union will now be advertised on the UK’s Find a Tender. Replay CECA and the CLC’s webinar introduction to Find a Tender.

- Data – If your business uses flows of personal data between the UK and the EU, there are actions you should take to ensure you can continue to do this after the end of the transition period. Read our guidance on data protection and GDPR.

- Goods and materials – The UK is due to leave the Customs Union and institute its own customs regime on 1 Jan 2021. Depending on the outcome of negotiations, new tariffs may be applied to some products and materials. There will also be slight differences in trading between GB and NI. Read our movement of goods and materials guidance. The CLC is also encouraging construction companies to maintain regular dialogue with merchants and suppliers, to help plan for and mitigate any potential shortages, delays or cost changes.

- Standards and alignment – Product marking is changing in 2021, and again in 2022. Ensure you know which marks will be applied to which products, in which market, at what time. Read the CLC’s guidance on conformity marking of construction products and their one pager on product marking.

Replay our latest Brexit webinar featuring James Butcher, Brexit lead at the Construction Leadership Council, below. Together with ACE's Hannah Vickers and Claire Clifford, he explores the key issues for businesses to be aware of as we approach 31 December 2020.


Official advice, links and information

Further to the ACE/CLC advice outlined above, the following Government sources of advice are also worth exploring. Access the construction sector end of transition period guidance, explore the Government’s transition self-checker, and listen to the Home Office podcast on the Future of Immigration which was created to help employers prepare for the introduction of the points-based immigration system.


Brexit Briefing - Movement of Goods and Materials

23 October 2020

ACE guidance adapted from the output of the CLC's Brexit working group.


Brexit Briefing - Movement of People

October 2020

ACE guidance adapted from the output of the CLC's Brexit working group.


Brexit Briefing: Data Protection and GDPR

September 2020

ACE guidance adapted from the output of the CLC's Brexit working group.