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07 MAR 2022


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Recent years have seen the Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI insurance) market under intense pressure, but no other aspect has been under more scrutiny than fire safety – leaving many businesses working in construction unable to secure appropriate cover.

This has not only jeopardised the ability of firms to undertake the vital remediation work required on dangerous buildings, but affected fire related claims on other projects too.

Join ACE for a special member-only webinar on Thursday 31 March at 12.00pm, hosted by Michael Brown of Geo Environmental Services Ltd who welcomes Craig Roberts, professional risks director at Griffiths & Armour and Alastair Blundell, head of general insurance at the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA). Together they will discuss the ever-shifting sands of the PI Insurance market and fire safety risks.

With insurers often taking different positions, the webinar will explore how the PI market is restricting coverage. In addition it will cover how uninsured risks can be managed, what the future holds, and what initiatives are underway to help those looking to secure insurance.

Craig Roberts of Griffiths & Armour, PI insurance affiliate for ACE said: “Fire safety restrictions in PI insurance policies are now commonplace, though there are a dizzying array of approaches as to how they are implemented. Moreover, they are having a chilling effect on the ability of consultants and contractors to remediate dangerous buildings. 

“This webinar is aimed at giving some practical advice to those grappling with these restrictions as to where they stand and how risk can be managed, as well as highlighting the work that BIBA are undertaking to try and unlock solutions for urgent remediation work and beyond.”

Karis Thain, Head of Membership at ACE said: “While much of the focus will be on fire safety, this webinar is vital for members preparing for PI insurance renewals and those negotiating professional services contracts.

“With many members currently struggling to find appropriate cover for their needs, this is a great opportunity to hear directly from PI insurance experts on a key issue for businesses working in our sector.”

Please note that this webinar, which takes place on Thursday 31 March at 12.00pm, will not be recorded. Ensure you don’t miss out by booking your place now.