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05 FEB 2019


Future of Consultancy workshop held by ACE and CECA will explore opportunities around offsite manufacturing.

The invitation only event on 7 February 2019 will bring together consultants and contractors to discuss issues around offsite manufacturing, and how we can collectively seize the opportunities offered in this space.

Exploring the technical and commercial considerations around the issue, the workshop will feed into ACE’s Future of Consultancy campaign, helping to shape its output and how the entire industry can make the most of the new opportunities offered by recent and future advances in offsite manufacturing.

From a technical perspective, the workshop will help to answer questions such as: What is the right balance between centralised design and bespoke segmentation? Who takes planning risks and how does the traditional RIBA stages fit in? How can we ensure ethical concerns over independent design and links to product manufacturers?

From a commercial angle, the workshop will tackle questions such as: How will the procurement process work? Who owns the IP? What does this mean for professional indemnity insurance?

In addition to the outputs of the workshops, many of our groups will explore similar issues over the coming weeks with a particular focus on their sector.  We’ll be sharing the outputs from this and the workshop over the coming weeks on our website.

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