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A manifesto for UK infrastructure

ACE's election manifesto makes the case for significant investment in infrastructure.

New mayors pledge to benefit infrastructure

All the newly elected metro majors have made pledges that should benefit infrastructure.

Create positive pressure to make things happen, says ...

Lord Heseltine says industry leaders need to engage politically to bring about change.

Britain's railways poised to modernise

Technology is set to improve Britain’s rail network. Jon Masters met up with the managing director for Digital Railway, David Waboso, to get an update on plans for mod...

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The Legal & Commercial Group covers a wide spectrum of initiatives that ACE members have indicated are their key issues and challenges. Importantly this includes pre-empting and proactively addressing legal, risk and insurance issues which concern our industry. For example ACE takes a lead role in developing, promoting and solving the relevant legal and contractual issues related to procurement.Alongside this the group constantly reviews the issues related to professional indemnity insurance [PII] to develop risk avoidance and publish relevant PII guidance/briefing notes for use by ACE members. A key objective is to monitor legal and contractual developments and seek changes in legislation where considered necessary such as the campaigning undertaken to change late payment legislation by active consultation with government and other bodies.

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Dwight Patten
Group Legal and Compliance Director
T: 0207 222 6557

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